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Sales Presentation Template Guide: How to design winning presentations

Ulysse Wolff
May 28, 2024
Remote Works

What is a sales presentation ?

Sales presentation: definition

A sales presentation can refer to different things. But in most cases (and in this guide) it’s the same thing as a pitch deck. It’s a document you use to present your proposed solution to address your client’s needs. 

A sales presentation is very important in the sales process as it will make your client decide on whether or not to purchase your solution. Don’t worry, this guide is here to help you build the BEST sales presentation for convincingly win over your clients.

What is a sales presentation for ?

A sales presentation’s ultimate objective is to sell your solution. But before that, a sales presentation serves to:

  • Introduce your company: It’s always important to know who you are doing business with. That’s why introducing your company is essential in any business interaction. A sales presentation not only establishes your company as a serious and reliable partner but also provides an opportunity to show your competitive edge over others in the market !
  • Show that you understand your client’s problem: A sales presentation is used to describe your client’s problem. The idea is to show that you understand the market and you’re used to this kind of problem.
  • Show that your solution is the best: To convince your client, you need to show that your solution is the best ! For that you can mention KSF of the project for instance !
  • Provide detail on the solution: One of the objectives of a sales presentation is to show your professionalism. For that, you need to give detailed information on your solution. This showcases your thorough understanding of the product or service and reinforces confidence in your expertise.
  • Quantify your impact: To persuade your client effectively, it's crucial to articulate the benefits they would derive from your solution. That’s why using performance indicators and expected gains is a very good practice in a sales presentation.
  • Provide detail on the implementation : Quantifying your impact is good, but the client will want to know more about the implementation. Including elements about the implementation (timeline for instance) in your presentation strengthens its effectiveness and enhances client confidence in the feasibility of your solution.

An actual sales presentation template used by our sales team !

Here is what you were looking for: an actual template ! Keep in mind that it’s a very simple template, but it’s a really effective one ! And in the next section, I’ll give you information on how to fill this template to create the ultimate sales presentation ! 

How to build a WINNING sales presentation, step by step !

In this section, I’m gonna give you the secrets of Claap’s sales team, that we use to build the best sales presentations and get amazing results ! Below are the sections included in the template I provided and how to fill them !

The Company Background 

The Company Background section should be the introduction of your sales presentation. The objective is to create a special bond with your client, and making them want to work with your company.

I suggest using two slides for this part: 

  • A general introduction of your company (slide 3 of the template) : Here you need to create a story about your company ! By doing that, you use the feelings of your audience to be impactful ! For an example of how you could formulate this part, you can have a look at this article.
  • A team presentation (slide 4 of the template) : Here, the idea is to put faces on the company (as your objective is still to create a bond with your audience). The objective is also to demonstrate how qualified your team is to address the client’s needs. To fill this slide, it’s very simple, you just need to write 1 or 2 lines describing the position and the role of the team member !

Why choose your company ?

This section is the logical continuation of the Company Background section. You need to convince the client to choose your company instead of another one.

In my opinion, two slides are needed for that:

  • A comparison with the competition (slide 5 of the template): in this slide, you need to follow some kind of mathematical reasoning to show that your company is better than the competition. In my opinion, the best way to do so is to use a table like the one provided in the template. Then, you need to think of aspects in which your company is better than the competition: for example “Integration with other tools”, “Life expectancy”, “Price”...
  • An illustration of the benefits of your solution (slide 6 of the template) : This is the best way to make your client feel confident about your solution. For that, you can include clients’ testimonials or case studies. The slide provided in the template is focused on clients’ testimonials and you can provide quotes that look like that: “ ‘The biggest benefit is definitely time-saving. Instead of reading a 10-page concept paper, people just need to watch a 6-min video that highlights the key things to validate.’ - Thomas from Qonto “

Your client’s problem 

The section dedicated to your client’s problem is crucial because it shows you understand the situation. 

For such a section, I suggest using one slide:

  • A description of the client’s problem (slide 7 of the template): In this slide, you need to describe the problem of the client and explain why it’s bad for the client. A good practice here is to give actual figures illustrating the issue and its impact on the client and/or similar companies.

Your solution

Of course, to convince the client, you need to talk about your solution (this is what they are purchasing !). 

For that, I think that two slides are enough:

  • A description of your solution (slide 8 of the template): Here, nothing too complicated. You just need to explain briefly, and clearly how your product or service is the perfect solution to the client’s issue. A simple description of the different features of your product might be enough, but you can also break down the client’s problem and explain how your solution solves each of these sub problems !
  • A demonstration of why it’s the best solution (slide 9 of the template): For this slide, I suggest mentioning the key factors of success related to your company/your product. You need to think about elements you can highlight that will make the success of your solution. For instance : quick implementation, highly skilled team …

Impact of your solution

One very good way to convince your client is by mentioning the actual impact of your solution. And by actual, I mean quantified.

For that, you need one kind of slide, but you can have several slides to show an impact on different aspects :

  • A slide showing the benefits of your solution (slide 10 and 11 of the template): Here, the idea is to have actual figures, that may (and certainly will) be estimates. For that, use tables or charts (line charts, bar charts or even pie charts according to the data you want to show) and highlight the key takeaways of this table/chart. Some interesting figures to show include revenue increase, profit increase, costs decrease…

Implementation of your solution

The last slide(s) you need to have in your sales presentation must be regarding the implementation of your solution. This slide is very useful as it helps reassure the client: you know exactly how to proceed to implement the product and they know how long it will take.

For that, one slide is usually sufficient:

  • A timeline slide (slide 12 of the template): This slide is easy if you use a template (and that’s good, you have one !). You just need to mention the main phases of your project and the time needed to complete them !

Claap rethinks your way of doing sales presentations

Now that you know how to craft the best sales presentations, you just have to do it and present it directly to your client ! But what if you didn’t have to do it ? It seems impossible but Claap allows you to do that ! 

What is Claap ?

Claap is an audio and video transcription tool. Claap basically records your meetings and provides a full transcript of it. No need for note-taking anymore ! You can focus on your conversation, be more engaged and establish a stronger bond with your client !

Claap also removes the need of summarizing or reformatting your meeting notes. Its AI Summary feature provides you with a summary of your notes, with specific action items ! 

These features are very useful, but Claap is more than that. Claap actually rethinks your way of working as a salesperson. Let me explain how in the next section !

And now you must be wondering how you could communicate efficiently with your prospect/client without a proper video meeting… 

How Claap changes your way of working and closing deals

Claap is an asynchronous meeting tool. Using Claap, you can record your screen while having your camera on, and this way, you can show anything you want on your computer while explaining it live. It means you can present your sales presentation (PPT file) but also demonstrate anything on your computer (the use of a software for instance). This is what we call a claap: a 2 to 5 minute video that is a concise and asynchronous presentation that you send to your interlocutor !

Using Claap is beneficial for you and your client: 

  • On your side, you’re able to have a personalized approach with your prospects (a video message is always better than text). Your sales cycle is also significantly reduced as you no longer have to coordinate schedules that align with yours and your prospect's. You just record your claap and send it to your client who can watch it, rewatch it, comment and react to it.
  • On your client’s side, they obtain the same information as they would in a traditional meeting, but saving a lot of time, for the reasons explained above

In short, Claap is a tool that revolutionizes your way of doing sales presentations. It helps you save time and increase your number of deals closed !  That’s why you need Claap. And if you want to try it before subscribing, there is a 14 day free trial available (with no credit card required !). Start today and discover how much its benefits outweigh its cost ! 

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