Better than emails. faster than meetings.

Claap is an async video collaboration platform. It helps you share your thoughts through screen recording, get contextual feedback and make decisions. All without the meetings.

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Here's how claap works.

Quickly record your screen in a couple of clicks and send it to your team with a simple link. Watch your teammates leave feedback, finalize decisions with polls and more, and align clearly on the next steps—all in one place.

Blueprint showing how Claap worksBlueprint showing how Claap works

CLAAP is made for you.

Claap features - Screen recording and annotations
Screen recording & Annotations

Turn your next
30-minute meeting
into A 3-minute video

Your calendar is full? We know the pain. Send a quick recording of your screen and start the discussion now. Not in 2 weeks.

Video ANNotations

Gather feedback & collaborate with your teammates

Share feedback linked to moments of the video and zones of the screen. Just as easy as if you were in the same room.

Claap features - In-context feedback
Threads & Polls

Align on feedback quicker. Make decisions faster

Discuss feedback and align with your teammates in threads. Vote on important discussions with polls.

Topics & teams

Get everyone on the same page, without the meetings

Centralize recordings & decisions in topics, share next steps, and watch your team get in sync seamlessly.

Claap features - Topics and teams

calling all modern distributed leaders.

and hybrid teams

Over the past year, we’ve all spent a little too much time in video meetings and more time wishing we could get our heads down and get on with our task list. Claap is the platform that is making that easier.

Photo of Mathilde Collin, CEO at Front
Mathilde collin

Claap helps us save meeting time and get sharp feedback to iterate faster on projects, whether it’s sharing a claap to one person, or asking feedback to many stakeholders. I can't see my team working without it now.

Photo of Gwenn Charlot, Acquisition Global Director at Qonto
Gwenn ChArlot
Global acquisition director

Anyone I’ve shared a claap with in the past has asked whether they could also use it. You show Claap to someone, and basically their reaction is “Come on - just tell me how to get it!”

Photo of Timothée Trichet, Product at Kavak
Senior Lead PRODUCT

WITH your 
favorite apps.

Easily connect Claap with your favorite Apps to optimize your decision making workflows.

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Photo of Claap Integrations (Notion, Asana, Slack, Trello, Jira)

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Send back-to-back meetings back-to-where-they-came-from

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