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Jonathan Widawski talks Max Gayler through products with meaning, the pitfalls of letting processes win, and the amazing things that happen when you start really listening to your customers. After founding Maze four years ago, he's committed himself to going deeper, finding new ways to leverage community, and doing it all as a remote team. From protecting focus time, to rallying motivation, Jonathan shows us how he's made a global company with team members all around the world.

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Jonathan founded Maze over four years ago and his since turned the company into the highest rated user research business in the world. He's a veteran Product Designer & former UX teacher. As a UX lead working with clients like McKinsey, Rocket Internet & PSG, he saw first-hand how hard it is for product teams to get the data, insights, and feedback they need to make confident design decisions. Now he’s co-founded Maze, a rapid testing platform to enable companies of all sizes to test and learn rapidly.


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The amazing things that happen when you really understand your customers

Jonathan Widawski
CEO & Co-Founder
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February 8, 2023

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